Alternative app to SketchUp viewer

Hello folks,

Trimble ask me to login to use the SketchUp Viewer on my tablet, thus I can no longer rely on this app for presenting work for customers on site since login may fail.

Are anyone using a reliable alternative non-sign in app to show their SketchUp models/projects to clients?


But did you succeed logging in?
It does not prompt immediately, once disconnected from the internet.
Fi. For subscription products like Pro or Studio, the offline period is 28 days

There are apps such as Kubity, that were showing SketchUp models even before there was a SketchUp viewer:

Aside from what Mike says, about how you only have to sign in every 28 days, you could also share your models to a Google account. Then if the Trimble ID sign in is having trouble when you do have to sign in, you can scroll down the sign in page and Sign in with Google. You could even share models to your clients that way, and they could see the models on their own devices, without having to set up a Trimble ID.

Apps like Kubity rely on an internet connection, the model is downloaded each time you wanna see it. There is no storage of the model on your device.
If logging in is considered a risk, a server somewhere can’t be trusted, either?

I have known of a few times when Trimble ID sign in was not working, when the rest of the Internet is ok. Doesn’t happen much, but I can imagine that if it happened to you once or twice, at crucial moments, you might want to know about backup plans.

Hi there @colin and @MikeWayzovski

The stake is just too high for me to consider using a 3D-viewer that relies on a sign in solution when working out in the field. I can only make a good first impression once, and I simply can not afford to loose clients.


Well, I know the feeling when the internet fails, wifi is broken or un unwanted update messes up with a presentation.

Most of your spectators are well aware of these risc’s nowadays I guess.

And we all make mistakes:

You got to have a backup plan.

There also is LightUp Player for iOS, Android, Windows and OSX.

The player is free, but you must purchase the LightUp plugin for SketchUp
in order to export .luca files for the player. (There is a 30 day free trial for the plugin.)

You can private message @AdamB (Adam Billyard) for questions or NZ pricing.
There is also a LightUp forum in which you can ask questions.

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Artificial light sources and reflections in glass and mirrors are two things you don’t get from native SketchUp alone, so that looks like a plus.

Hey Kiwi,
This reply is a little late getting to you, but just to let you know Kubity does NOT rely on an internet connection in the field to access your models, as long as you have already opened them once on the app with a connection. There are some functionalities that are not accessible if you don’t have wifi (like photorealistic render) but otherwise, it’s reliable even without a connection.

You can try it for free for 14-days on the website (and the app Kubity Go is always free!)

SPK Technology, Kubity Team

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