All Systems Operational page?

i open 3d warehouse and get stuck , no models …

Try signing out of SketchUp and sign back in. That’s worked for other SketchUp 2020 users who’ve had the same problem.

Have 2021 it says# We are working on it… ? When I reopen 3d warehouse

Your profile says 2020 so that’s what I was going by. Maybe you could update that to prevent confusion.

So did you sign out of SketchUp and sign back in?

yes I did shut sketchup off and back on

That’s not the same as signing out of SketchUp and signing back in.

In SketchUp, go to the Help menu. At the bottom of that menu click on Sign Out. Then close SketchUp and repoen it. Sign back in.

Thanks got it ,

So signing out and signing back in fixed it?

yes now I know what signing in and out refers to !

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