Aligning views for plans that are out of axis

Hi, I’ve noticed that when I’m creating plans that don’t align with the world axis it can be difficult to align the camera top view to match the plans orthogonally. I know the problem can be solved with elevations by selecting a wall face, and then right-clicking to align view, but this doesn’t seem to help with plans.

This can be a little annoying as all of my plans sit at an awkward diagonal when I export them as graphics or DWGs.

Any help would be appreciated.


Right click on the floor face and select ‘Align Axes’ (do so within the group to be on face context level)

If needed, now rotate the axes again to have green pointing to the top of how you desire to show your floor plan.

Now right click on an axis and select ‘Align View’
Result: green points to the top of your screen / red to the right / blue towards you, all taking the floor plan with it.

Save this scene to be able to return to it without repeating the steps.


TIG has a plugin “Rotate Plan View”

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Awesome, just tried it out. Thank you!