Align materials (lines)

Hello, I have made 2 walls, and have hidden the lines beetween them. I put the same "materail (black straight lines). However - they dont align with eachother. Is it possible to do so they align?

Probably. It depends on how you’ve made the model and applied the material. Can you share the .skp file so we can see how you’ve put it together?

Isak & Adina hus 3.skp (1.5 MB)

OK. So the first issue is that you have some reversed faces. There should be no exposed blue back faces. So the first step to fix this is to edit the groups and reverse the blue back faces. Switching to the Monochrom Face Style will make that easier.

The next issue is that you’ve applied the textures to the groups instead of to the faces inside the groups. Once you remove the textures from all of the groups and then apply the texture to the faces, you can align them. Here I’ve done that.

After you apply the texture to the face in one group, open the other group for editing, press B to get the Paint Bucket tool, press Alt to change to the eye dropper (pipette), click ont he face you just painted to sample the material and click on the face to be painted. The eye dropper will sample the material in the other group even though you can’t actually see the material while the other group is open for editing.

By the way, I see some incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 5_30_2022 , 3_10_22 PM

…and some unused stuff in the file.
Screenshot - 5_30_2022 , 3_10_35 PM

I also note that your model could use a fair amount of cleanup before you get to adding materials. This includes fixing some non planar geometry.

Did you trace the underlying imported file?