Align floating toolbars

I am sorry if there is a discussion opened on this already but I couldn’t find it.
I have some floating toolbars on a second screen but to arrange those is extremely difficult and need patience to move pixel by pixel in order to keep all of them aligned.
Did someone already found a solution for this? any extension to align the toolbars that are outside the SU window?

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Not that I’m aware of.

It’s a pain.

My previous workflow had an AutoHotKey script to maximise the SU or LO window to occupy exactly two screens of the same resolution with permanent docked trays on the second screen.

It was never quite satisfactory, especially in LO where tray widths are not remembered.

My current workflow in LO uses AutoHotKey to toggle on and off at need some custom floating trays that appear on a second screen.

In SU I use the available shortcuts to toggle floating trays on and off.

Windows Power Toys has something called Fancy Zones for screen placement. It might be worth a look at. GitHub , scroll down the page for the installer link.

This AutoHotkey example is as basic as it gets. There is a Toolbars list with the (partial) name of the toolbars you want to move.

The first toolbar name in the list is not moved.

Each subsequent toolbar is moved to the right of the previous toolbar with the same vertical position.


Toolbars =
Fuzzy Finder
Shape Bender

Loop, Parse, Toolbars, `n, `r
  if A_Index = 1
    WinGetPos, x0, y0, w, h, %A_LoopField% ahk_exe SketchUp.exe
    x := x0 + w
  } else {
    WinGetPos,,, w, , %A_LoopField% ahk_exe SketchUp.exe
    WinMove, %A_LoopField% ahk_exe SketchUp.exe,, x, y0
    x := x + w

Thanks for your help.
I dont really know how to use an Hotkey.
I copy the code into an Text editor to change the name of the bars and then past it into the ruby Console but nothing happened.

@Diogo - You will need to install the current version of AutoHotkey to use the script.

The attached update creates a global keyboard shortcut

that runs the script. (587 Bytes)

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