Align a multitude of components

I’ve modelled an entire house, with a multitude of components (furnitures electronics…).
I think that some components are not correctly aligned with the defined axes.
I would like to know how to select the whole scene, with these hundreds of components, and impose an (re-)alignment to all.
Aligning them one by one seems to me to be an impossible and very time-consuming mission :pleading_face:
Thanks for your help!

You should use a plugin like curic align.

Please upload the model to the forum for examination and a possible solution.

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here’s the interior design. Everything is visually ok, but I notice that some furniture, objects and parts of components can be off-centered by a very small amount with the axes. I’d like to get all that straight.

  1. Upload your model. We can help you, but we will be limited by the fact that we cant poke around in the wreckage.
  2. View edges by axis to see what’s wrong.
  3. Curic align would indeed be helpful.