Best way to to align components with more than one edge using plugins

I want to do the following:

  • I have a pipe line that does not match the alignment of any axis. It is also inclined.
  • I also have a piece (which is a component) and I have inserted it at the right point, the intersection of the previous pipe line with another perpendicular pipe line.
    what is the best way (faster) to rotate the part so that it aligns with the first pipe line, not only in direction but in inclination?
    I have tried three plugins but I must be very clumsy and I can’t get it (curic align, fredo6 MoveAlignMe and orienter express).
    I attach the sketchup file with the initial and the desired state (obtained by rotations with auxiliary planes drawn and deleted later)
    Also some captures with the edges of the color of the axes.
    pipes.skp (348.3 KB)

Why do you want a plugin when its simple with the normal tools.

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s4u Align + Move Origin


It’s not only one component, I’m searching the faster way to do that

Fredo Tools > MoveAlong

Fredo MoveAlignMe

Curic Align - double click

Align Tool by D. Bur (JHS)


So the problem really is, I have multiple components that I would like to be able to position to specific points and orientation automatically. Rather than, how do I align this component.

Yes, I’m sorry. I thougth that asking for a plugin was implicit on that.

Thanks a lot @mihai.s Great answer!! Maybe Curic is the faster way. I didn’t be able to do that way. Anyway I will try to practice with each of them in case I am wrong.

Not really, there are many many extensions out there that do a lot of things. It usually helps to understand fully what result is required to really pin down the most appropriate extension.

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You could also try Eneroth’s 3D Rotate tool - Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Hi there. I’ve used an extension I made. You just have to change the z axis and use the first tool of Orienter Express, then rotate.

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Thanks Alejandro. I imagined it was possible but I didn’t know how.

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How about select from own folders, place, orientate, and stretch

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When you create the component have you considered using the “Glue to any plane” option… allowing it to slap to a surface alignment… might work?

PS… many years ago I recall investigating a plugin that allowed you to place connectors on your components… and similar connectors would snap to the them when adjacent… anyone recall its name and status?

there you go
seems he has a trial install

There is no plane, only edges. With planes will be easier…

Thanks I’ll take a look…