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Hello dear Community,

is it possible to aim an object directly to a surface for example by click and dragging a line to that surface?
I really have lots of trouble aiming a spotlight to a canvas placed on the wall.
It’s not possible or at least very frustrating to do with the rotation-tool. I am just looking for an easy way to aim any object to another.

for example like this:

Any idea?


Does this help?


Is this a light added via a render program, if so they usually have an aiming option. But without knowing which render we can only guess.


thanks MobelDesign, its a solution but still stiff.

the picture i posted is out of the “LightUp”-Plugin and i found it on google when searching for “aiming light sketchup”.
I am using vRay but havent found an aiming-feature yet. But anyway, it’s not just about Lights.
I thought there would be an option for any object, for example as easy as you can control the cameras. But there is no way to have this controls on other objects besides camera.


Any object can be “aimed” at any other object. @MobelDesign shows you one way to accomplish this. It’s quick and precise. Tell us more about what you want to do and why it’s not working for you. What is “stiff” about it?


because it still rotates the object only either on the x, or y or z axis. but no point in between.

MobelDesigns-Solution looks easy just because his Target is right next on the x-axis, i guess.
Well, at least i am not able to align the rotation-tool at first in the right angle.


Ok what about this? I know it’s still kinda “clunky”; I never claim to have the best method, but I usually find a way to get the job done. :slight_smile:

Notice that the line indicating the direction of light passes directly through the desired point.



Create a rectangle from the desired point to the centerline of the spotlight, then rotate the spotlight to the desired point. Hold shift while hovering over the rectangle’s face to lock the rotation’s orientation.

That’s definitely the easiest way.


Tig has a 3D rotate tool, so does Eneroth.
This is Eneroth’s in action.
Tig’s is equally as simple to use.


Some good options are shown here. With or without plugins.

The components that need to be targeted surely have their axes set up logically. Say that cone (light) has its red axis being the center line. Its local origin is the light spot.
You can draw a line from source to target point. Then change drawing axes so red coincides with this new edge (could also have been a guide). Then place a fresh cone component on the source point. (Reset drawing axes). So in fact Sketchup does the job for you.

You can even do this without a new edge, source to target, and just temporarily change the red drawing axis from source to target.


thank you so much for all the fast answers and solutions!
i like @Forestr way. But i will also check out those plugins @Box mentioned.

Thank you all!


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