Aide pour petits réglages pour export 3D


Hello, I want to export

leaving the textures / dimensions and colors, but once exported here is the result: I do not understand not too much ?

Thank you for your help: slight_smile:


Can you precisely describe 1. what you did, 2. what you expected and 3. what happened instead? (So people don’t have to click links and guess.)

I guess you exported the file using the SketchFab Exporter extension. You expected the resulting model on the SketchFab website to show textures, but it displays white without textures and without dimensions.

Is it possible you applied the wood material to the component instance (from outside), but not directly to the faces (inside the component instance)? This is a special feature of SketchUp, faces without material inherit the material from the component/group at the next higher level in the hierarchy. Not all exporters read the material of the component. It is possibly not supported by the SketchFab Exporter. Select the component, go to Entity Info and apply the default material. Then double-click the component and apply the wood material to the faces.

Also SketchUp dimensions do not consist of faces and edges. They exist in SketchUp, but are not supported by SketchFab.


thanks for your help, actually it’s better with 3dwarehouse and it works, see you soon :clin d’œil: