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EvolveLAB Veras for SketchUp

Veras is an AI-powered visualization add-in, that uses your 3d model geometry as a substrate for creativity and inspiration. Take your SketchUp ideation and visualization workflows to the next level using AI tech! You can try it out now using the free trial.

Sketchup Versions Supported: 2021, 2022 and 2023 (Windows & Mac).

Download latest version here: Windows | Mac

Mac Update Instructions: Updating Veras on Mac
Mac First Install Instructions: Installing Veras on Mac

Quick Guide: Getting Started with Veras SketchUp

EvolveLAB Site: Veras App Page


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To see more Veras examples, you can check out the Veras Gallery on our forum:


Veras SketchUp for Mac is now available!

Release post: Veras SketchUp for Mac - Release

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V1 Veras Release

Veras v1.0 is now officially released, featuring higher geometry retention with the new Geometry Override slider.

Release Notes: Veras - Release - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum


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Hi Ben,
Do you have an EvolveLAB Veras for SketchUp for educators and students?
If you could attach the EvolveLAB Veras for SketchUp as a free version to Sketchup for Students and Educators that would be great for them to explore Ai Rendering for creativity and inspiration during their studies. :upside_down_face:

We’re working on an educational version, to be released soon:

I think it’s important to make it more accessible for students and educators. If you’re an educator, we can set up the account manually. However, we want to automate this process.

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Hi Ben,
I sent you an email through the contact details that I found on your website.
hope it will reach you :slight_smile:

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Hello, I am sending you a message from Iran. Unfortunately, due to the filtering problems, when I download the Veras plugin, I encounter a location error. Please guide me on how to use this option.

@fookadesign - here’s a post about this issue: Sign up problem .. unable to create account! - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum

V1.2 Veras Release

Veras v1.2 is now officially released, featuring Render Selection, 2k Resolutions, a revamped UI, and many more improvements.

Release Notes: Veras - Release 1.2 - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum


Render Selection




Higher Resolutions & Render Engine V4


V1.3 & 1.4 Veras Releases

Veras v1.3 & 1.4 brings some sweet new upgrades: V5 Render Engine with superior quality and resolution improvements, Explore Mode, 4x render speed with Simultaneous Renderings, and many more improvements.

Release Notes: Veras - Release 1.3 - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum
Release Notes: Veras - Release 1.4 - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum

Render Engine V5

reference: Tajimul Islam | LinkedIn

reference: archcromy | Instagram

Explore Mode


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