AI Helps Me Design A Building | Iterative 3D Modeling in SketchUp Live!

Sure, generative AI is cool for creating images, but you don’t use it for design ideation, right? …right?

@TheOnlyAaron does! And he needs your help.

This time on SketchUp Live, he’s iterating on a building design using SketchUp Diffusion and YOUR input.

He starts with a simple massing model, but your comments will steer the prompts. He then pulls elements from the Gen AI image to model in 3D. Then, it’s time for a new prompt and another round of iteration. Rinse and repeat!

Aaron, for one, welcomes our new robot overlords and uses them to unleash his creativity!

How will it end up? No-one knows! But tune in and lend your voice to the AI/human hybrid building.

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This will be an interesting stream.
Let’s see AI struggling
Wait, does the A in AI stands for Aaron or what?:sunglasses:

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It must stand for Aaron Intelligence. See you all in 25 mins over on youtube!


Modern ranch style family home of 3000 square feet


Aaron at the beginning of the stream:


Watching intently

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ranch style, larch clad with zinc roof


Guess the song this AI image came from

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Guess the song.

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First is Elenor Rigby, second is Mr. Blue Sky?


One of your answers is right.

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Lucy in the sky with diamonds? Or maybe teddy bears picnic

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It’s actually one year younger than the other song.

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… You’re sure of a big surprise ! …

Losing my religion by REM?


Eleanor Rigby is correct!

Is the other one “Somewhere over the rainbow” ? Bradda IZ!!

Is it Sunshine, Lollypops, and Rainbows?

Time consuming?
Think I would call an experienced Architect, have him or her flush it out give me the Auto Cad files and I would be way done before this one?