AI generating geometry

So I tested Rodin today and my mind exploded a bit. It’s becoming viable quicker than many likely think and certainly myself. I suggest you guys starting putting these tools into your toolbox instead of covering your eyes with your hands and pretending/hopeing it doesn’t exist. Rodin seemed very usable from my prelim testing.

I tested multiple lounge chairs and a multiple sconces/lights by using an image of the object and it did a good job of creating the geometry near instantly.

Others I have not tried for geometry:

For image enhancing, I have tried:
KREA - decent some of the time. I found myself blending these images into my renders to keep some parts and ignore others.

Fooocus - which renders locally on your own GPU - Not as easy as krea for specific enhancing but it’s nice to have it run locally and therefore free under all conditions.

instructions on how to install - exist on youtube and elsewhere.

Your thoughts?

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You were able to get them into SketchUp?

Rodin outputs via fbx, obj and a few others that can all be easily brought into SKP. It looks like it quad models as well but I can’t be sure just yet.

For Rodin, You will have to pay a few bucks per download so I haven’t officially tested it all the way through since I only found about about it maybe yesterday but I will be testing it when I have the opportunity and need to create something like entourage or furniture that I actually need created. When It creates something, It does show the geometry in the browser as it creates it (and you can rotate it 360’) and before you have to pay and those views were near spot on so I’m looking to test it out when the need is there.

Separately, I believe there is a tripo3d variant that runs locally so that would be free but the 1 vid I saw didn’t seem to have as good geometry creation but again… Worth testing and likely good to getting quick starting points to refine geometry instead of starting from scratch.