After using SketchUp for 4 months, can't open it

In the past 4 months I’ve learned a great deal about SketchUp. I was hoping that this week I could finally make a presentation for the architect who wants me to work for him.

I tried opening SketchUp and got the error message that is on the attached screenshot.

My Mac uses OS 10.15.7. Apple tech support says that’s the highest that my (old) Mac can go.

What should I do next?


sketchup error message

P.S. Attached is the system information screenshot. I hope this helps. I cannot afford to but a new computer.

Computer system information

Have you updated anything on your pc? It’s strange that you could work for the past 4 months and suddenly it stopped working.
There are ways to update your OS even if your Mac doesn’t have support anymore, that may fix the problems you’re having.

Many Mac users, unlike Windows user, rarely restart their computers. If this is the case with you I would suggest a restart might get things back.
Also check that the computer isn’t somehow powering down the graphic card, sometime happens when on battery etc
I have had that very same error message on a windows laptop and simply plugging it in got things working again.

He is using an iMac, it doesn’t have a battery, it’s a desktop machine.

Note the use of ‘somehow’ and ‘etc’.

Well, He has almost the same machine I’ve had for 6 years, and yes, on dual GPU imacs back then, there was a possibility that macos would only call the intel one for light tasks. or what it considered light tasks by the OS.
I remember back then installing an app in my menu bar to force one or the other GPU.
However, Peter has the single GPU version, only iris pro, no nvidia or amd

Restarting is a sound advice (when in doubt, reboot).

@Peter-7 did you by any chance try to update sketchup ?
your profile says you’re using 23.0.418 and the most recent version is 23.1.341

if you select the sketchup application and press cmd + i
it will show you the information panel.
Capture d’écran 2023-11-27 à 12.50.11
it won’t give us the exact number, but at least we’ll know if it’s 23.0 or 23.1

Sketchup 2023 is not officially supporting mac os 10.15 Catalina. meaning that it could run fine, but at some point, it might not, it wasn’t designed with catalina in mind.
The update from 23.0 to 23.1 could explain why it’s broken.
In that case, you could revert to an older 23.0 installer, or even install 22.

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Do you use more than 1 screen?

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all of your suggestions. I turned the computer off & then on again. It worked.


First rule of electronics saved the day!