After problems with rotate how to align?

The rotate problem got my components out of alignment.

Is there any way to get all of my components aligned to the original axes?

Thanks for the wonderful/essential help.


Drag out new copies of the components from the In Model Components collection. They will insert with their axes aligned to the model axes.

Thanks,I wish, so far they have come out twisted. Possible I have the original in another file but …


Well, if you do have them in another file, you can copy the components over or save them to make a local collection that you can open in the current file.

This brings up another downside to exploding the component to get rid of the Face Camera property. When you made the new component it most likely would have a new axis orientation.

Thanks, here is what I get


If this is in the same file as your other thread, I noticed that you’d moved the axes of the model. Try resetting them back to the default position. Right-click on any of the axes and choose ‘reset’.

Thanks McGordan. with the reset it at least looks more orderly.


Strange Align Axes, aligns the axes of the whole project with the object
not the object with the axes, which is what I need.

The components still come in crooked which is possible/probable how they
were created.


You should be using Change Axes from the Context menu to set the component axes appropriately.

Why don’t you share the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got and how best to clean up the mess you’ve got now?

What exactly is the Context menu, I could not find it.

Here is the .skp. it is the same file a little cleaned up.

Thanks for all of the much needed help!!

It’s the menu that comes up when you right click on something. The entries in the menu are determined by the context in which the menu is used.

How many different parts are there really supposed to be?

Is the slug holder thing supposed to be a nice fit in the hole in the base?

Does this look like it would work. I remade the base so the oval hole would fit the slug holder. Is that what you intended? Which way should it be? I’ll delete the incorrect one and upload the SKP file. And you can see the bounding boxes are aligned with the parts.

Chances are it is a very tight fit I did not adjust it to final dimensions.
The end product would be a loose sliding fit.

There are three extra pieces in the.skp two center slugs and disk.


Are the selected components the center slugs??

The hole in my version of the base has a 0.5mm clearance all the way around so sloppy fit but not as loose as yours.

Here you go. I’m finished with it.
QCTP.skp (170.0 KB)

Wow, but how?

No the selected items are “Slugs” the Center Slug is now Slug dr in your
The slugs were used with Solid Tools (which is why I needed Solid
Inspector) Subtract to make the slot in Slug dr.
I removed the two highlighted Slugs and the drawing looks amazing, actually
I will remove the duplicates also or put them on a different layer.

I am more used to using other CAD programs where everything is just a
drawing or sketch until
you add the final dimensions and constraints then it becomes an actual

I just add an approximate hole using Sketchup which is a pain as I have to
replace them for the final object.
I still think I am sketching out a rough sketch not making a final finished

Oh when I opened Sketchup 2018 this morning I got a prompt to load Solid
Inspector so now I have everything, Thanks again.

Still would like to know how you got everything aligned, because I might
miss align things again.


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