Affichage des arrêtes manquante

Bonjour, je n’arrive pas à avoir un tuyau avec un coude sans trou ! je fais un angle 90° j’ajoute un arc de cercle deux points après sur un bout je fais un cercle du diamètre du tuyau et bien dans l’angle il manque des arrêtes ! Savez-vous pourquoi ?

J’utilise la version 2023.
J’ai remarqué que la version 2018 fonctionne bien dans mon pc


It would help if you upload your model as it is now. Or at least some screneshot(s).
So we can see what you have and are trying to create.

Sorry, the first time I couldn’t put the image because I had the google translator.
Here’s what it does and again I’m not doing too badly because sometimes it misses almost the whole angle!

Have a look here.

ok thank you for the info I tried 10 times bigger it was much better but not yet enough to fill everything correctly I will try bigger to see it must be said that my tube is only 6mm in diameter.
Thanks again have a good evening.

When I use the “Dave Method” I scale up by a factor of 1000. Sometimes that’s larger than needed but it is almost never smaller than needed.

OK, thanks a lot