Advanced Camera Tools seems unweildy


Hi there,
I have just started using advanced camera tools, which seemed like a great idea as I am building models of film sets I am working on. But the camera’s seem to behave in a rather random fashion. I lock the position of one, then I start finding more camera’s popping up and my models are obscured by frustrum lines. I know I can turn these off, but can anyone tell me why they may be appearing in the first place. Essentially, has anyone else found the advanced camera tools tricky to manage?
Thanks in advance



they are a little misbehaved at times. You have to be sure to click out of a camera’s view if you want that to be secured before moving the view, otherwise it will move the camera position too. Some times it is best to lock them to prevent it from happening. This may be why you are seeing a camera in an odd place?

Also, if you no longer need the camera per se, you can save another regular view (scene) form that position and then delete the camera. I have found that with many cameras odd things can happen.