Advanced Camera Tools

I can not seem to get Advanced Camera Tools to work correctly, I Was able to get 2 cameras to work, but now every time I try to create a new camera, things start clipping, where they are not supposed to. like the attached image. What am I doing wrong?

very far away from the model space origin?:

Clipping & missing Faces

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No, that did not help… its only when using the Advanced camera tools… Before that I never had a problem… I just tried everythig you said, and none of it worked.

The advanced camera tools can cause clipping depending on how you created the cameras. Can you post a model versus just a picture? That will allow the experts to tell you exactly what is wrong.

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Advanced camera tools can create ridiculously large camera angles which means the camera is miles or kilometers from your model. Try Zoom extents, you’ll probably find your model is a tiny speck in the distance, and if you ‘select all’ there will be some strange bounding boxes.
I don’t use ACTs, but every time I have seen this problem deleting ACT scenes, or something along those lines, fixes things.

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Box. Thank you. I think that is what Sketch3d_de was trying to tell me… but I wasnt understanding… based on what you said, I did that and you were right…
Thank you so much!

For a beginning like myself, is there another option to trying make more real life perspectives with out using advanced camera tools?