Advanced Camera Tools image clipping

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I’m a Production Designer. The ability to use ACT to place real-world cameras into a model of a set is a huge reason I began using Sketch Up. Selecting the camera focal length, image aspect ratio, height, and tilt angle are essential tools used in pre-visualization to determine how much of a set needs to be built.

The frustrum volumes are causing image clipping when looking through the camera (even when frustrum volumes are hidden).

Is this a common problem? Is there a way to fix it? Other than this, the program runs smoothly on my system.

I’ve devised a work-around for setting focal length by calculating a given camera’s Horizontal and Vertical FOV based on it’s sensor/image-plane size and entering that into the normal SU camera. And I can always DRAW the aspect ratio onto images, not so for animations. BUT it would be great if the ACT simply worked without clipping. It would save a lot of time.

I’m hoping someone out there has a solution that allows the use of the ACTs.

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I know this happens and I don’t remember seeing a solution for it.
Could you attach a model that has the problem so I can have a look.

Hi Box,

I tried to upload one of them (the simpler one) and the file size is too large.

I’m on a Lenovo Y50-70. Running Windows 10. Discreet NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics card. Built for gaming. I haven’t noticed any other rendering lag, but maybe it’s still not quite up to snuff.

I received a reply from another user who says they only get the problem occasionally on more complex models.

I don’t seem to suffer any other rendering problems, though. No clipping with the native SU cam.

Can you upload to the warehouse or dropbox or similar and add the link here.

Sometimes the video driver can be a cause for clipping. There was a new driver released by Nvidia for your setup on May 9. Try updating the driver , It may help.

Thank you, that’s a good idea.

It turns out I had some errant bits of drawing that were causing the problem. Thanks to Box for the solution.

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