ADU floorplans

Hi there,

I am relatively new to this forum so forgive me if this oversteps the mark…

I am creating designs for an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) for a property in California.

I have about 17 x 15 to play with and will create a wooden structure with a sloping roof with a small bathroom and kitchen space. I am planning a bean and joist base to make utility maintenance easy. It will need electrical designs. I only need 2d drawings.

My question is: has anyone created anything similar and if so would you be open to sharing your SketchUp files with me to work from?

Totally understand if this isn’t the right forum for this type of request but it’s worth asking and getting a no than not asking at all. Please point me elsewhere if there is a SketchUp file share forum.

Thanks for reading!

You could try the 3D Warehouse if you’re just looking for examples: Search for Additional Dwelling Unit | 3D Warehouse (