Adjusting Scrapbook symbol line weights when exporting to PDF


I can adjust the line weights and also the color of scrapbook symbols in LO (Shape-Style), but when I export to PDF the lines become heavy and not suitable for presentation. Adjusting the line weight in the SketchUp model tray (Vector, etc.) makes no difference either. Any suggestions on how the changes made in SHAPE-STYLE can show in the PDF? Here are two images: 1 the LO file, and 2 the PDF


The line weight issue expressed is a matter of personal preference as some may find the pdf output shown in your example to be more legible than the LO (Layout) output, however it may be possible to modify the line weight heaviness by using the “fog” dialogue box in SketchUp to help set the scenes that are exported into LO. The fog density is easily adjusted with sliding toggle switches.

Admittedly, I have not experimented profusely with this procedure, but it seems to be a credible approach to achieve what you want to do.

More info here:


LayOut displays all lines in the document, regardless of weight. When you zoom out, all lines are displayed one pixel wide. You should zoom in to check what lineweights the symbols are actually using. I just made a test PDF export, opened the exported PDF in Adobe Illustrator, and a 1 pt line in LayOut was a 1 pt line in the PDF.



Thanks. I’ll try it. But I think the LO symbols will actually sit ‘over’ the imported scene. We’ll see!


That’s a good point. I see. But the LO file line weight doesn’t appear to change whether or not I zoom in or out. I know it’s a matter of preference, but I still think there should be a way to get the PDF to read the same zoomed in or out…