Adjusting grid spacing in Layout 2021

I need to do a simple grid overlay for a dust collection plan for my woodshop. I have a detailed drawing of the shop and have imported it into Layout. The grid spacing needs to be 12" by 12". I don’t see anything about adjusting the grid space that is the default in Layout. I’m on MAC with Catalina OS 10.15.6.

The gird displayed in LayOut is dimensioned in paper space units. You could set it based on the scale you are using for the view of your shop. I guess I would do a scaled drawing in LO. Set the scale to match the scale of the viewport and then draw the grid. You can draw a first line and then copy it to make an array much the same as in SketchUp. I would put that grid on a layer above the layer holding the viewport so you can turn it on or off as desired.

What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Please complete your profile.

Here’s a quick example in which I’ve drawn the grid at 1/4" to the foot. Lineweight to 0.2 and a dashed line style.

Hi Dave

I am using SU 2021 Pro.

Is there a way to adjust the LO background grid to what I want, of do I have to draw the grid?

You can go into Document SetUp>Grid and change the grid spacing. As I wrote before, that spacing is in paper space dimensions so you’ll need to use a spacing that is appropriate for the scale of your viewport.

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Thank you. The page set up version will work for me.

(I just didn’t know where to find that file item.)