Grid spacing in Scratch

I am using 2018 SketchUp Pro and I am trying to revise the grid spacing from the default of 10’-0" to 1’-0" but can’t seem to do it. When I press the ‘From Scratch’ icon the grid spacing default comes up as 10’-0" in the lower right hand corner of the screen but I can’t click in there to change the distance to 1’-0." How do I change the grid spacing so I can create more subtlety in my terrain?

Don’t click in the Measurements window. Select the From Scratch tool, let go of the mouse and type the desired spacing. If you want it to be one foot, just type 1’. Do not type the -0".

There’s never any reason to click in the Measurements window before typing in it. If it is available for input, you just type.

Thank you. that was driving me bonkers

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