Adjusted components keep reverting to original size

So I am just learning SketchUp on the free web version and I am having some issues. So I made some joists and made sure I saved them as components so I could use them again in other parts of my build. So I took the components, adjusted the length, and I made sure I saved it. However, when I opened up my project the next day, all the components reverted back to their original size. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe nothing- It just sounds as if it hadn’t saved properly.

How did you adjust the length of the components?

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

I used the push/pull tool to elongate the joist. I’ll see if I can download the file and share it.

Trying to share the file. Hopefully, this works. best tag set.skp (471 KB)

Which joist components did you modify? The ones I show selected are all instances of the same component.

How are the ones to the right in this screenshot supposed to sit? Currently they pass through the selected ones on the left.

I do see some loose geometry which really should be multiple components. This will cause you some problems.

In this second one you have some reversed faces, too. There should be no blue back faces showing.

I also note some incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should remain untagged. Make groups or components to contain the edges and faces and give the tags to the groups/components.
Screenshot - 12_5_2023 , 11_40_56 AM

How would you use this model when you have it completed?

This implies that you opened an instance of the component and modified the geometry within the component. If that is in fact the steps you took, then the same push-pull action will automatically and deliberately be performed on all other instances of the component.

An alternative technique which might be more appropriate (depending on your goal) is to use the Scale tool on the instances of the component whose length you want to change. In this technique, do not open an instance for editing (such as by double-clicking on part of it). Simply select the desired component(s) such that you see the blue bounding box. Then activate the Scale tool and use the center handle on whichever end you want to adjust.

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