Adjust distance of entity movement w/ arrow keys

Hey guys,

When I have an entity selected, is there a way to adjust how far it moves when i click the arrow keys?

I’d like to set it to 1/8" per click at 1" = 1’-0" scale.

It’s currently set to 3/16" per click, which seems strange, but I guess works well for 3/4" scale and 1-1/2" scale.

At 1" scale, this 3/16" causes problems because most construction dimensions are to the 1/4". Shapes built up through copy-paste then clicking to position then either aren’t accurate, or don’t have their center point on a click.

I use LayOut for a structural engineering workflow where every line starts and ends on the grid of clicks so that simple things can be built up into large document sets. There can’t be any dragging, it all has to click together with single arrow or shift arrow.

I arrived at 1" = 1’-0" as the ideal drawing scale for presentation, but there are systemic problems with this 3/16" per click setting.

Thank you!


It’s been a very long time since I had to think about the move distance. As I recall it is measured in points since it’s a paper space thing, not a model space thing. There isn’t a setting to allow you to control the interval. You could set grid snapping to your desired interval, though.

Thanks Dave, I appreciate the insight.

Everything is built on the the move distance, so I’ll make this work with a little round-off here and there.