Adding users to Sketchup shop

Hi, I have just purchased the shop version and tried to use it, however, it just keeps sending me to the free version. I have fumbled though it and manged to find the part in personal account where I add a user. The only thing is when I click on it the whole page just goes grey and nothing happens. Does anyone have any ideas, I feel like I’ve just wasted £112.

What browser? There are some problems with Edge and Explorer:

One other thing to try: log-in and out of SketchUp for Web. Let us know if either that or trying another browser works/doesn’t work!

Hi. I’m using google chrome. I’ve loged out several time but it still doesn’t work work. Do you have any more ideas.

Thank you anyway

In order to use a subscription seat you need to assign it to yourself.

Go to this link:

Sign in if you need to. Click on Members in the list on the left, then select SketchUp Shop from the products along the top of the window.

Look at the Users list, if it’s empty, click the + button, and add yourself as a user for the subscription. The Available Seats and Remaining Seats should change.

Once you are listed in the Users section, sign into the web app, and it will be the Shop version, and not the Free version.

My answer only covered the first half of what you said! Ah well, at least it will help someone else.

Which is the page you are on, that you click, and it all goes grey?

All higher education users (students and teachers) get there subscription from a third party ( not directly from Trimble)
They will have more than one Plans and Members area on the left,

Typically, when you enter the site, the ‘Personal Plan’ is active and shows the trial plan for Studio or, after trial period, shows the Free plan. But, everybody has these types of access to SketchUp or ‘Plans’ …

It would be better if it landed on the Plan that you were ‘entitled ‘ to, so you’d immediately see the type of subscription you bought ( or got entitled to by someone else)
Check under that Member area, to see if you can add yourself as user.

The assignment should be done automatically when you got entitled…

I’ve seen more than one plans area, but only one that had Members in it. For me though I don’t have the + button, which could happen for students that have been given a plan organized by someone else. Perhaps the instructions could include something like that you should ask the person who manages the account to add you as a user.

For an individual who only bought one subscription, it is highly likely they will want to assign it to themselves, and in the exception case where it’s the boss who paid for the subscription, and it needs to be assign to one employee, they could remove themselves before adding the employee.

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Hi, I purchased Sketchup Pro and although I have followed each and every advice form this thread I cannot use it. It keeps sending me to buy it again. I tried to use the classic method but I don’t have the serial number and authorization code. I have searched in the Help Section of Sketchup and found a step where the serial number could be retrieved by entering my email. The message I received was that I would get the serial number by email but nothing received so far. I need to work and I already lost hours trying to figure it out how to use a product I paid for.
Anyone can help?

Sorry its Sketchup Shop not Sketchup Pro.

Shop is the premium **web based **modeller, it has nothing todo with serials or authorisation codes whatsoever.

You did not buy a license to use software that runs locally on your machine,

Go to and start modeling.

I still can’t access my sketchup for the same reason.

What browser do you use?
Do you not see a members area at all?
Try scrolling doqn

I’ll check again.


Where is members area?

Hi. I see one member, me. But still can’t access my sketchup.

The interface changed since my previous reply. Having selected Members on the left, and the right product in the middle, the list of assigned seats is labelled Members now, not Users.

Check that you’re signing in with the same email address as is used in the members list.