Adding some numbers to a model

I have a model of a disc that I want to add some numbers to. Each of the channels are to be numbered from 1 - 24 (24 channels in the model). I would like the numbers to be 3/4" in from the outer edge, centered on the channel, with the top of the numbers facing the center of the disc. The numbers are to be 3/4" high. I can’t figure out how to place these numbers onto the face of the disc channels and align them so that they are centered on the channel. I would like to make a circular guide to assist me, but can’t figure that out either. Any idea as to how to go about this?
Here is the file:
open seg 24-4 deg gap.skp (146.6 KB)


I would make a group or component of the disc, Then you can draw a circle to use as a guide for placing 3D Text components. This would be much simpler in SketchUp Pro on desktop because you could start by placing a single number and making a radial array with Rotate/Copy. Then use the replace feature in the Components panel to replace the numbers as needed.

A quick example



I will give that a whirl. I can simply erase the reference circle afterwards? Thanks for showing the way!


Yes. With the disc and numbers components the reference circle can be deleted without affecting them.

not going as I had hoped. I only have Sketchup on the web, not sketchup pro. Does that limit me in making a radial array, because I can’t get the number to replicate around the reference circle.

The web version also has the Radial Array function with the Rotate tool. The isn’t a simple way to replace one component with another. Then the radial array isn’t as useful. If you set up the reference circle so the sides go across the gaps you can use the midpoints of the edges as the insertion point for the 3D text components and then rotate the text component to align with the edge segment.