Adding Points to Curve/Shape in Layout


For some reason, Layout will NOT let me add Points to a Curve or Shape, once I have double clicked it.

All the points are highlighted, and the guide at the bottom states to hold Alt to add Points.

It does not work for some reason. :frowning_face:


Is the curve blue when you try putting the additional control points in?

It lets me do it in a new file, but not the one I’ve just created.

Layout File attached.

All I’ve done in this one is add the Model and create a couple of overlay shapes.


YW0001-900s - Site Phasing Plans.layout (2.8 MB)

Just tried restarting Layout as well.

No joy.

Is it because object snapping is off…?

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Want t share my screen. its rediculous.

I hate Layout!

Hi @paul.mcalenan

Unbelievable! That’s what it was. Why should that make any difference?

I so wish Trimble would actually put some effort into improving Layout.


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Sorry. I got called away but it looks like Paul got you sorted.

Without Object Snapping turned on you can’t actually snap anything to an object.

No worries @DaveR

Yeah, that was the issue, so all good now.

Layout just Frustrates the hell out of me :slight_smile:


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Well, glad it’s sorted.

I wish I knew how to make it so you weren’t frustrated with it. I like using LayOut and it gets better with every version.

I do like it and what it can produce. I just think it is like pulling teeth sometimes and could be easer to use, to align with how Sketchup works.

I love modelling in Sketchup, but always feel less about Layout.