Adding node to object in LayOut

Hi all, I’ve read 2 threads about adding nodes to a path and I’ve tried all of the suggestions (I’ve also done it without issue in the past, so I’m not sure what’s going on). To eliminate some questions, I’ve tried turning the snap on and off, I’ve doubled clicked into the path to be in edit mode, I’ve closed the file and re-opened it, I’ve hit alt while clicking on the line, same with ctrl. The + shows up when I hold down alt, but it doesn’t actually produce an extra node. Please help!

Are you talking about in LayOut?

Yes, sorry. Haha… that’s what I meant by ‘laying’.

To add a node on a line of curve drawn in LayOut, double click on it so you see at least the end nodes as dots. Then hold Alt while clicking where you want to add the node.

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