Adding node to line path not functioning

Well golly, back here again. I am not able to add a node point to a polygon. I double click on polygon, see corner nodes, press Command (Mac Pro), cursor icon changes to +/- arrow, click where I want to add new point and nothing happens.
I have rebooted computer, and updated to SketchUp 23.1.341. Still no joy.
Any thoughts? Thanks.

There is no native tool for adding “nodes” to edges of a polygon in SketchUp. Are you using some extension? Maybe you need to explode the curve and use Divide to divide the edge.

Sorry, no, I am in Layout. Did not make that clear.

OK. That’s different.

Select the polygon and pay attention to the message at the bottom of the screen. On Windows it’s “Hold Alt to refine curve or add additional points.” What does it say on Mac?

Okay, thanks, on Mac I press the Command key. The text at the bottom shows the Command key icon and says. “click on curve ot add point” I am working with a straight line polygon, but in any case it is not working, nothing happens.

Did you firstt double click on the polygon so the existing nodes are displayed?

Yes, I see the corner node edit points having double clicked

What happens if you try Alt or Option instead of Command?

On a Mac the Alt key is the Command key I have been using. The Option key selects the line segment you click on. I have opened other Layout files and still unable to add points. This problem happened a while back but lately have not had problem. Like I say, I have updated the SketchUp program, rebooted computer, reopened the file and still not working. Next thing to try is updating the Mac OS

Okay, Mac OS is current. Appreciate you help. Any ideas?

Maybe @adam has some input.

BTW, your forum profile says you are using SU22. Time for an update.

I am on SketchUp 231.1.341

I understood that but your profile says Pro Version 22.0.353 and Mac OS 10.13.5.

Could not figure out how to change that…

Click on your avatar at the top right corner of the forum. Then on the person icon followed by Preferences>Profiles. After editing the profile scroll to the bottom and save the changes.

That’s what I get. I am on Mac. Can’t find a way to edit this or. Preferences – Can’t see how to access that function from this page.

Thanks, got there, kinda baroque process, but done.
Still needing to add edit nodes to my Layout polygon.

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What if you use the split tool on the polygon – at a node or along a line element.

Can you afterwards add a new node?

It’s not quite the same but a rectangle drawn with the rectangle tool cannot be node edited unless you use the split tool on it.

At least on Windows…

Thanks, have tried that, no joy first time around.