Adding node to line path not functioning

Hello, when you turn off snap to objects, you cannot add node to line while in edit mode. Please check this at menu “Arrange > Object Snap On”.

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That solved the problem. Thank you, thank all. Back to work!

Who’d a thunk you had Object Snapping turned off? Glad you’re back to adding nodes.

Well. sometimews need to turn it off to put things where you want them, thanks.

Thank you for solving this issue. This definitely seems like a situation where the tool should automatically (and temporarily) enable object snapping, since it relies on it. We do this in some other tools already.



That’s sound great. Automatically turn on snap when add a node to a line is reasonable but sometimes, when using dimension or label tool, I need it not automatically turn on or off, it should follow the state I set before.

For example: there some reason I want to create a dimension not link with SketchUp model so I turn snap to object OFF then start dimensioning, but the tool auto active Snap to object ON, then I must switch OFF again.