Adding a point to a path in Layout 2018

In Layout 2018 I can’t seem to add a point to a path (add a node to a polyline). When I select the line and double click all the nodes are highlighted in blue. Then clicking with the select tool (holding ctrl) now highlights that section of line without adding a node. Am I missing something in the 2018 version?

Yes. Double click on the line/path to make sure it is in edit mode. Then hold Alt while clicking on the line/path.


Hi @DaveR, is their a method to delete a node?

Yes. Select the node and hit Delete.


Thank you.
Just yesterday, I was drawing up a contour following drain field.
Your insights/knowledge is greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Dave - sooo simple. I’m sure I used to have to hold down ctrl in previous versions.

It did change with SU2018 because Ctrl had different uses depending on the selection.

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