Basic glitch - adding editing points to a curved line


Hi, I’ve just re-engaged with SU having not used it for 3 years. When I did use it frequently I thought I was pretty competent and could normally make what I wanted etc. My job changed and I haven’t had the time to or need to use it hence the break. Just downloaded 2016, then deleted and tried 2015 but keep getting the same problem:

When I draw a curved line and want to edit or add edit points I can’t. I’ve tried the old way, read the help centre and followed the instructions ( I think) and still can’t bring up edit points in a line.

I’m very rusty but pulling my hair out, am I doing something very wrong or is there a problem, please help - I’ve just spent 3 hours in front of the TV and only managed a few straight lines, its driving me bonkers.

Merry Xmas



I’m not entirely sure what is is you are asking. Edit Points could mean a few things.
There are quite a few ways to draw curves, but how you interact with them varies depending on what you want.
Could you try and give us an image or something to explain what you mean.
Here are a couple of examples,
A simple curve can be edited via its Cardinal points.
Or by Right click and divide into however many segments you choose.
Or a Bezier curve can have control points added to change the shape.


Box’s little video is about the best explanation you will get for adding points. You cant see it but when he selected the entire arc, (while blue) a right click on it offers the divide option. Select it and you can enter in the Measurement Box or drag along it to get the number of segments you want, it works on individual lines also. WITHOUT explaining what you are trying to model or design. What will you be making with the curved lines(?) will get you more specific help. And Merry HO-HO to the both of you!! …Peace…


Hi, ,amy thanks for your replies, these help but dont quite do what I wanted. IN more vasiuc terms I’m trying to draw a car body from blueprints so I can build a project at home. TO do this I need to draw around the blueprints using curves and lines (or this was how I was going to do it) and then edit the lines or curves to bring them ontp the blueprints to exactly match the outline. IN the old days I would have drawn a simple curve, right clicked and 'Edit Points@ (or at least this is what I remember). Then I could adjust the curve using the tangent lines which you move and stretch to make the curve do what you want. Is this basic function still possible, can I still pull a curved line as I choose? The options suggested seem slightly different and more complicated (more clicks) but I’m going to try to do it now.

Merry Xmas



That sounds more like Fredo’s Bezier Spline plugin:

or this:


As you can see in @Box animation, it’s a function of Fredos bezierspline plugin (see link by @DanRathbun) and was never a standard SU function.