Updating Reference Model_Curve Line

Just a couple of questions. One out of curiosity and the other sometimes a pain.
After I change a scene in SU and then move to LO to update, I see that the reference model is sometimes only greyed out and out of date and other times it is listed in red and out of date.
Is there any reason that it displays differently at times? Is it related to the amount of change I made in SU? Just curious.

Straight line in Layout. Sometimes after I have drawn a straight line in Layout and then go back to add on, say a 90 degree line, the new line will attach to the end of the old line, but the old line
will immediately display a curvature. It won’t stay straight. What causes this?

To your first question, if the scenes are shown in LO as modified, that will cause issues with updating. You want to make sure you are never creating modified scenes with your viewports.

I think your second issue comes from how you are adding the line. Are you clicking and releasing to set the first point of the second line? If you click and hold, you can create Bezier curves but it sounds like that’s not what you want in this case.

Hi Paul-

regarding the second question, there’s a bug in LayOut that sometimes introduces an involuntary bezier curve in this particular case. Basically there’s a discrepancy between where the mouse click happened and where LayOut thinks it happened, which then makes LayOut think that you’ve done a drag instead of a clean single click. You may have better results if you END your new line at the existing rather than starting it there. You may also see different results if you’re zoomed out/in a bit more. Otherwise this is something that we just need to fix on our end.


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