Can anybody help me with this, just a question, HOW TO fine-tune the position of a point in LayOut?

I read this help page

So I created multiple curves for doing drawing with picture match (Btw, Use LayOut do picture match is much easier than SketchUp )

But they didn’t say how to fine-tune a axis of the curve
it always stick to grid or some alignment auxiliary lineline, I cannot done my work with this
I have been trying a while, but still cannot solve this problem, this is my first question in Sketch community

Please save me!!

We need to see what you are working with or we are only guessing. Upload the SketchUp file so we can look at it.

Sorry, just wait a second i am taking screen shot, Thanks a million

Please upload the SketchUp file or the LayOut file, not a screen shot.

I am stilling do the curve practising, only have circle now, here pic, its easy to understand I think :slight_smile:

when i pull up a little bit of the point on the top of circle, it automatic skip to next grid :frowning:

how to set position of point without any restriction

New user only can put one picture one time

So this is not in SketchUp at all. Go to the Arrange menu and turn off Object Snap and Grid Snap.


Uncheck Object Snap worked!
I was don’t understand what is “Object Snap”, Thanks 10 million DaveR !!

You can also customise your toolbar and add a button - super useful.

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