Adding a Tapered Bevel to Curved Edge


I have just had some advice on creating the basic shape of the below vase but I now need to replicate the bevels shown on the image below too. I have the Fredo plugin for rounded edges and bevels but I don’t see a setting that would allow me to taper the bevel in the ways shown on the image.

Any advice on this would be appreciated!



you could have asked in the previous post, since you’re talking about the very same object.

you can push pull the top face, select the newly created face and scale it holding control key


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You could have even acknowledged the help given in the previous post.

Hi Box,

Sorry, I keep getting an unresponsive error when I try to reply to the post or add anything further, that’s why I created a different thread.

Certainly appreciate the help from anyone that takes the time to reply!

Thanks Again

I have managed to get the curved sides and top bevels in place all to the sizes needed but the last part that is causing me problems is the tapered bevel down each edge. I have marked on the model the three points and hopefully, the picture above shows some detail. I tried matching the curves on the face but because nothing quite lines up no faces get created.

I do struggle with the process of creating these shapes a lot when its anything away from simple shapes.

Thanks again.

One method.
Taper Bevel