Adding a Hyperlink to my Layouts (Layout 2022)

Hi guys, been doing layouts for a client that require hyperlinks. At the moment I have been exporting to PDFs and adding the links in there but currently the load of work is getting bigger and I require a quicker way to add hyperlinks to multiple layouts. Is this possible? or will i have to stick to my pdf method.

Any Input would be great.

You can…

It won’t work with – you need the https://

You also need the www.

Longer links might break – I was trying to insert some longer links to some PDF documentation from a statutory authority and it would only work if the entire link was on one line.

If I tried to wrap the link in a bounded text box it failed.


I was thinking more, Link Text like what you can do on powerpoint, where you can highlight some text and it take you to a website.

Are you saying that you want the ability to highlight some text in Layout and have Layout take you to a website…?

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Yeah, as i export most of my Layouts as pdfs it would come in handy

This would be a nice feature. Not sure if Sketchup can encode the link during the print to pdf process. But, I like it.

I don’t understand what you’re desiring…

Hi There, has there been any progress on this topic? I just switched from Sketchup for Mac to Sketchup for Windows. With Mac it was an option to add hyperlinks in Sketchup layout. This has never worked for me on Windows.

For our field of work it is desirable to add a link to an image or text. This way, customers can click through to specific products. Web links to specific products can be quite long, which is why adding a hyperlink is highly desirable. Adding a hyperlink to an image would be an extra addition for us.

Of course this can also be added afterwards via adobe acrobat. But if something changes in our designs, we have to add the links again and again. That is, of course, asking for mistakes.

Hello everyone. I was looking at this topic and have found a solution. Since, as Paul says, write out the Hyperlink as text, then here is the workaround:

  1. Change the Colour of the text to disappear with the background. (ie. white)
  2. Write out the Descriptive Title or Name and place that Textbox directly on top of the hyperlink.
  3. Export to pdf

Your cursor should change as you roll over the Text. It even works with an Auto-text label. See my pdf

Test Hyperlink.pdf (161.0 KB)


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Handy workaround as I guess you can apply the technique to any object (eg hide the Link under a symbol) , although it does result in invisible entities in your LO file which may have other implications and some URLS can be crazy long… eg exporting as dwg file?

Personally I use TinyURLS to keep links short but visible… does not solve the problem of having links associated with other graphics though

Its a shame SU couldn’t allow links just as intuitively and natively as PowerPoint does… including links to bookmarks and pages within the same document… such a powerful and basic navigation capability for electronic documents!

Simple test files (I didn’t hide the URLS to make them obvious)

URL TEST.layout (12.5 KB)
URL TEST.pdf (32.1 KB)