Adding a Hyperlink to my Layouts (Layout 2022)

Hi guys, been doing layouts for a client that require hyperlinks. At the moment I have been exporting to PDFs and adding the links in there but currently the load of work is getting bigger and I require a quicker way to add hyperlinks to multiple layouts. Is this possible? or will i have to stick to my pdf method.

Any Input would be great.

You can…

It won’t work with – you need the https://

You also need the www.

Longer links might break – I was trying to insert some longer links to some PDF documentation from a statutory authority and it would only work if the entire link was on one line.

If I tried to wrap the link in a bounded text box it failed.


I was thinking more, Link Text like what you can do on powerpoint, where you can highlight some text and it take you to a website.

Are you saying that you want the ability to highlight some text in Layout and have Layout take you to a website…?

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Yeah, as i export most of my Layouts as pdfs it would come in handy

This would be a nice feature. Not sure if Sketchup can encode the link during the print to pdf process. But, I like it.

I don’t understand what you’re desiring…