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It is just incredible that whe CAN NOT add hyperlinks on Layout for projects shared with clients, providers …
PLEASE TRIMBLE EXPLAIN TO US WHY ??? WHY ??? WHY ??? thank you in advance


PS: I have tried different technique like copy/paste from word or excel but PDF has no hyperlinks active … …

If you type the URL into a text box including the https:// and export to PDF the link is clickable in the PDF

What Paul said. It is possible to add hyperlinks to LO documents.

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thanks for your reply, but does not work for me ( see exemple attached )TEST HYPERLINK.layout (10.3 KB) TEST HYPERLINK.pdf (14.5 KB)

I exported a PDF from your LO file and it works for me. It also works in the PDF you uploaded. If it isn’t working for you, it isn’t LayOut. It must be something else on your end.

Perhaps the Caps Lock is interfering.

ok thank you very much for your help and quick reply, I will check that and telll where the problem is coming from.

I just test my pdf with Xodo (a pdf reader) and works (even without the https://).
My default PDF browser is Google Chrome, maybe a parameter to change inside … no matter, it works, thanks !

I was using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. I expect you need to change some setting in Chrome, then.


Do you think we can expect from Trimble to add customizable hyperlinks function in Layout tools ?

I do not understand why they did not fix this … it is now a BIM community as the already do with Trimble-Connect … …
Please Trimble team if you read this post please add this Edit text function asap.

Have a nice day

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Do you mean…

“blah, blah, blah, click here for more info”

…where the word here is an URL?

Yes exactly

Maybe. It might happen one day. It could be useful. They can’t and won’t tell us when, though. It’s a small team and I expect they’ve had bigger projects to work on that affect more users. As they get down the list I imagine they will get this one ticked off, too.

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