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Looking for the possibility to add a link to an internal page of my layout document.
I did not find any way to do it, maybe I miss something.
So if this possibility does not exist it will be great, imagine an introduction first page tab allowing to go directly to the concerned page.

What do you mean by “a link to an internal page of my layout document”?

Where do you want to put this link? How would you use it?

Are you still using SketchUp 2020 as indicated in your profile?

I don’t understand what are you trying to do, layout is a desktop app so if you want to create a web link you won’t be able to do it, if you want to open directly to a template you can save your template as a file double click on it work on it but save it as a new file, that way the template file will remain intact and you’ll be working on a new file. But honestly you’ll be saving just a few seconds compared to opening layout home page and selecting your template.

Good morning,
I may have difficulty expressing myself in English.
I’m talking about having a link to a document page (as you can do with a hyperlink).
This would allow a page of the layout document (for example the table of contents) to refer and go to another page of the same document with a simple click.
I hope to be clear this time.

@BIMworld I understand what you are asking for. You would like a way to have an entity jump to a specific page in your document when clicked on - something like this could be useful when set up in a Table of Contents, for example.

This is a feature that has been requested before, and is in consideration to be implemented some time in the future. As with all feature requests, they must be balanced not just against other new features, but also bug fixes and other improvements (e.g. performance) when considering what to work on.

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