Added lines cause sliced model to no longer work

Hello everybody. I am trying to build a small replacement wheel for a toy. The initial part, which is the outer wheel sliced and printed fine, but when I added in the center point and the slot for the axle it no longer slices. I tried checking the faces but clearly I’ve done something not right because it isn’t working anymore. I reverted back to just the wheel with the circles on the front face. What should I do in order to have the “D” shaped hole go all the way through? Right now it only goes a little down.
Carriage_wheel_w_axle_hole.stl (57.3 KB)

It would be easier to diagnose the exact problem if you upload the .skp instead of the .stl however, in the .stl, the central circle is not on the wheel but floating out of the surface. This would make the component not solid and would cause problems for the slicer.

I’ve turned on shadows to show the circle is not on the surface but orbiting around to look from the edge would show that, too.

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Oh my. I completely missed that. I thought that I had shadows on
Carriage_wheel_w_axle_hole.skp (161.7 KB)

There’s the file. Sorry about that.

Ok I missed shadows. Is there some way to get the “floating” disc onto the surface of the part below it?

You can use the Move tool to move the edges to the surface. Or, since it’s such a simple thing to model it might be easier for you to delete the existing ones and redraw the circles on the face where they are supposed to be.

That’s what I did. Looks like I’m back in business. No idea why I didn’t have shadows on

I wouldn’t normally work withShadows turned on. That just loads up the graphics card. I just used Shadows as a way to illustrate that the circle wasn’t on the surface of the object.

The center has no thickness and cannot have volume.
Maybe it adds some thickness