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How can I add to the offset in a model. For instance drawing a door panel. I’ve gotten mostly done with the model, but have decided I want a different offset value for the panel. How can I do this?

Upload the .skp file so we can see what you are trying to do.

By offset, I’ll assume you mean the distance the panel is inset from the front of the door frame. If you have drawn the parts correctly as separate components (or groups), you can simply use the move tool to put the panel at the desired offset. Of course, if you have created grooves in the rails and stiles for the panel to fit into, you will also have to move them the corresponding amount. Again a straightforward move tool action if you have made components.

Problem is, I made a door. I’m still learning and am using DaveRs book and example. I created the panel inset into the door, but then later discovered I had not “inset” the panel enough. That is to say I raised the panel with 2" of inset instead of 2 5/8". So how can I change the amount of inset without deleting the panel and drawing it again? Or can I?

Thanks for the response.

It will be easiest to give an explicit answer if you can share you door model here.

I can do that. It’s just a textbook problem.
Richards Cabinet_2.skp (519.7 KB)

I’m confused. That looks like the inset is already 2 5/8?


It is, but only becuase I deleted the incorrect one and remade it. My question is how would I change it in the future instead of remaking it?

Open the component for edit. Select one of the edges where the raised part meets the face. Use the move tool to move it laterally the desired distance. Repeat for the other three edges.


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That is so simple I’m positively embarrassed to have asked. I couldn’t find that in any of the help files.
Thanks I appreciate it.

Or select the face and scale it.

@DaveR Wait a minute. Dave has a book? How did I miss that?

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If you need a link, this one woodwork:®-Guide-Woodworkers/dp/1621134288/


Just to clarify my earlier comment about scaling the face.
Use ctrl to scale about centre and type in the sizes you want including the units.
This will adjust all four sides in one go.

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Thanks for that. For future reference that will work well. I need to practice some of these techniques more.
Yours and slbaumgartner’s suggestion will really help.
Thanks again.

Thanks. I don’t do any woodworking but I’m interested in the methodology.

@Box This is why I love this forum. It never occurred to me to use the scale tool for this. But it’s really pretty straight forward . Another arrow in the quiver.