Automate adding, removing, or changing offset

I’m using SketchUp to prototype and design flat parts that will be cut by CNC. When the part is designed, I need to offset by plus X to account for the bit size.

Does anyone have ideas on how to improve/automate the process of adding offset the pieces? Or even removing the offset?

Consider, for example, if I want to transform or scale shape of a piece, I need to delete the offset from before, change the piece, and then add the offset back (because scaling with the offset will scale the offset as well, making it the wrong bit size). Ideally, the offset would adjust itself to remain X when transforming the piece.

Another example, is if I change the bit size, I need to redo all the offsets. This can be really tedious when there are lots of parts.

I figure SketchUp might not be the best tool for this, as I’m thinking this needs something with programming capabilities?