Add Location error - no internet connection

I’m having trouble using Add Location. I keep getting an error that says:

My connection is working fine for web access. I have tried with and without a VPN (I’m in China). I have tried at home and at work. I am using a Mac and have given Sketchup firewall access. My students are having the same issue on both Macs and PCs, with and without VPNs.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried temporarily disabling your firewall? It could be blocking the ability to geo-locate. If this is the case, you will just need to add an exception rule to the firewall settings.


Thanks Drew,

Turning off the firewall didn’t work. Tried updating to Yosemite and reinstalling Sketchup. No luck there either.


Hi Ian,

SketchUp connects to several Google APIs.
In China, of course, Google is often blocked.

Section C of this help article may hold the fix:
Can’t connect to web tools; 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Add Location and Licensing

We use (no country redirect) to check if you’re online and not hang if you aren’t. On Mac, try to go to that url in Safari. If you can’t, find out why and fix the problem there (reset cache, etc…).

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Thanks Barry and George,

Safari usually doesn’t load any webpages for me, not sure why. I use Chrome as my default browser. loads fine in Chrome. NCR and a few other pages happened to load today in Safari, but still no go on adding location in sketchup.


Wow, Safari usually doesn’t load any webpages? Wow. Try clearing it’s cache, and if it does bring up ncr, immediately load SketchUp. Apps also cache web links on Mac OS X, so it wouldn’t hurt to delete /Users/YOUR_HOME_DIR/Library/Caches/com.sketchup.SketchUp.* (you can leave * or replace it with 2014 or 2015; com.sketchup.SketchUp is 2013).

Thanks for the suggestion Barry. Tried, but nothing worked until Apple
released a Safari update today. Now Safari and geolocation in Sketchup both

Did Safari’s release notes mention anything that was relevant?

No, nothing that I can see.

[image: Inline image 3]
The 8.01 update mentioned was only released two weeks ago so could not have
been the issue.

8.02 is out, and it perhaps has the explanation: “Fixes a rare issue in which some users were unable to access Safari after installing the 8.0.1 update”

Yeah, that seems to be the only explanation. I’m glad it works now:)

Thank you Barry and everyone else for all the suggestions!

I am also having this issue, but everything is updated to latest versions.

I’m using Chrome.

Pretty annoying after paying for the pro licence but still having issues…

Would really appreciate some help trying to sort this out…

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The SketchUp geolocation interface uses Internet Explorer on the PC and Safari on the Mac, so, you should try clearing their caches and perhaps applying all available updates.


having the same issue, checked IE settings, looks okay. Tried using sketch-up 2013 as well, and had the same problem. Have checked firewall settings, doesnt appear I’m blocking anything. Can no one from sketch-up proper actually weigh in on this? forums are great but random user ideas are less than helpful if they really have no clue… Seems to be affecting many users, not just a one-off, would hope sketch-up would respond?


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Finally figured it out, had to upgrade my Internet Explorer to version 11. Anyone else out there having this problem, try that and see if it works. LOL, I didn’t even know it wasn’t up to date, who uses internet explorer anymore??


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I’m running IE 11… still have same problem Add Location Error… Sketchup… anyone

I’m trying to use Geo Location feature in Sketchup. Whenever I select Geo-Location – Add Location, I get a “Add Location requires an internet connection. PLease connect and try agian” error message. I have internet connection. I have dropped all firewalls and disabled virus checkers. Still same error message.

@Peterd16 Have you tried this:

Can you also tell us a little bit about what you are working with?

  1. SketchUp Make/Pro version: SketchUp Make or Pro version, Bitness: for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), Mac is only 64 bit
  2. Operating System: Operation system name, version, bitness
  3. Graphics Card: Graphic Card Model, Memory