Add "clipart" to emboss on a surface

I have a student that wants to put a scorpion clipart on the surface of her project and then emboss it.

Here are my questions:

What file format should the “clipart” be?
How to insert/import to existing project and placing on the surface of the project.
Making this addition work with the push/pull tool.


In order to be able to do the Push/Pull thing she’ll need to have edges dividing the surface. She could import the clipart as an image or texture and trace over it with SketchUp’s drawing tools to get the geometry. Generally a JPG or PNG would work.

From the Insert menu, select the file and choose how to use it. I would import it as an image.

Drag it out into the model space. If it’s used as a texture it needs to be applied to a face.

Then start tracing.

That’s what we have done in the past. I know with inventor we can import and then extrude or emboss. I was hoping it would be easier/quicker than the trace option.

SketchUp for Web doesn’t have that capability. There are several extensions that would work in the desktop version that can trace the edges and create the geometry automatically.

Does DXF/DWG import in SketchUp for schools?