Add a Location Query

I have imported the location snapshot through ‘add location’ and imported with all my other models into Lumion. The terrain serves as a background to the main focus of the production.

The background is looking light and I need to darken down a little. When I try to edit the texture in Lumion, its not picking out the model layer of the terrain but certain tiles of the add location import and there are many.

What’s my options? I tried to make it a unique texture but it never processed it, just crashed out.


Using FredoPortrait, it created a single texture from the tiles downloaded by Geo-location and I applied it (as Projected) over the existing geometry. Then you can edit the texture of the whole terrain easily

FredoPortrait small tutorial

Brilliant - thanks so much for the video too!

Seems like I fell at the first hurdle - couldn’t get the projected texture prompt. See the snapshot after loading in the location maps.

Also, couldn’t see how you used FredoPortrait into the video.


Select only a face.

Click on the arrow from right side

hi there.

Yes, right clicked on a face and the prompt wasn’t there.


Right click on a single face. From what I see in your image, you applied the texture on an probably irregular surface, consisting of several triangles, not on a flat surface.

You should create a flat surface with that texture as I showed in my video.