Add a detail to a component flat surface


After moving an array of pocket holes to the surface of a board component I’m unable move that component without leaving the holes behind.
This is such a simple operation I can’t help feeling like I’ve missed some detail. I’m in edit mode on the component so is it a matter of timing or what?


You need to put the holes in while in edit mode, then move the component when not in edit mode.


You are right: you must have missed some detail. Think carefully about each step you take and what is going on at that point, and hopefully it will dawn on you. It is not a matter of timing, except in the sense @Box suggests that maybe you are not operating in the context you think.


These “holes” are really markers where the holes go. Does that matter?


Give us an image so we have some idea what you are doing.


Maybe - I’m not really sure what that means. Could you upload the model (though that may not help until the admins get a current issue with uploads fixed…)?


I agree that would be useful but how can I do that? Copy//Paste doesn’t seem to work and I don’t have a web page to which I could refer you…?


In the edit window, the icon of a little bar with an up arrow is the “upload” function.

PS: the upload will work, but currently attempts to download the file will cause a not found error. They are working on it…


I found that control but it requires a file to upload. Unless I upload the entire model I don’t have a file. I can do that if you want.


2014 12 21 Clamp Storage Drawers.skp (67.1 KB)
Here’s the whole magilla. If it looks a little sparse it’s because it’s only a practice project in early stages of development. Look it over and I’ll be back Wednsday. Other duties call tomorrow.


Rats! Due to the current forum problem with downloads, I can’t get your model to examine it. Will keep trying, and hopefully the admins will find the fix.

Discourse links misbehaving


I tried the approach suggested by Box and it sort of works. The problem is it doesn’t last. I separate the panel at the upper right to a separate component and in edit mode I add some markers then exit edit mode. When I move the panel the marker moves with it as I wanted. If I enter edit mode again the markers “detach” and no longer move with the panel when I exit edit mode. Now what?


What you describe makes no sense to me: geometry does not spontaneously transfer out of a component. It is also not consistent with the model you posted, so I suspect you may have been confused by nested components and the markers were never really in the component you thought.

In the screenshot I posted, the large blue outline is the bounding box of an outer component that contains several panels and sets of markers. The object indicated by an arrow at upper left is a second component that is nested inside the outer one. None of the markers are in this nested component. If you opened the outer component for edit, made the panel into a nested component, and then drew the markers without also opening the nested component for edit the markers were never inside that second component. If you selected the second component and the markers at the same time, they would all move together. But if you selected only the second component, the markers will not move with it because they are not part of it.