Activating an Extension

I’ve installed an extension and it is listed in the extension manager but when I go to use it nothing happens. There should be a pop up window that comes us when I use it or it should live on some menu How do you start using an extension? The extension is the last one on the list - Ducting

Not familiar with the extension in question. But some extensions require you to quit Sketchup after you first install them , when you reopen Sketchup they will then function properly.

I bought it a few weeks back and have turned it on an off multiple times since then

Looking at this video, it looks like their options would be shown in the View menu. Look through this to see if it helps:

Thank you, that is where it was hidden, Now that I’ve found it I need to get it to work. When I do what was shown in the video and click a square or round duct I get this. Do you know what Selection must contain a proxy means?


In the image from the video, the group was selected, and in your image, you selected the raw geometry inside the group.
Did you try to select the group, as in the video?

Thank you, that was the issue