Accessing Sketchup Support

My org recently bought 150 seats, subscription, and somehow I still do not have access to the Send Us A Message option in the support portal. How do I access support when our licenses are A) Purchased through a reseller and B) Subscription based (not serial numbers).


Pinging some CSM’s :
@Aristodimos @Josh @niraj.poudel


That page works off your sign in email address. If you are the admin for the account, or any of the assigned users, you should get the send us a message option.

Hopefully Niraj will know who the account admin is.

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Looking into it gents. Thank you @CTDHelpdesk for reaching out to us. Let me see if I can find you who the admin is on your account.

I do not see that option when signed in to our account portal.

If you are not already signed in, a Sign In button appears. A safe way to test what products you have assigned would be to sign in on, then choose Manage My Account from the avatar menu.

I’m not sure if it’s because we purchased through a reseller, but I still cannot open a ticket or see a link to open a ticket.

What reseller? Maybe contact him, too.

We purchased through an organization called Creation Engine. I’ve reached out there as well.