Access to sketchups Warehouse

I am an amateur hobbyist who just enjoys drawing on SketchUp. 2016 Pro I purchased because I enjoy drawing but now as you all are aware it’s getting hard to post my drawings on the warehouse. I have to Port them over to 2017 SketchUp make in order for me to post my drawings on the warehouse question if I purchase the one that is labeled for shop will I have access to posts my drawing on sketchups warehouse? Thanks John


You can upload models you’ve done in sketchup pro 2016 without having to open them with make 2017 ! simply drag and drop your models on the 3d warehouse website !
log in there : and at the top right hand corner there’s the upload button

Thank you I will try that, I’m trying to be very careful with using Warehouse and my 2016… I dare not download any drawings to this version, it will make my 2016 pro version start to have problems. But Thanks I will try that.

you don’t have to use warehouse inside sketchup, and it won’t work with the 2016 version anyway. From now on, you have to go through the website, either to upload or download models

Again thank you for helping me. When I said I was having issues with the warehouse and my 2016 SketchUp I am now a Windows 10 user and having my 2016 pro on it.

I think you might have missed Paul’s point. The 3D Warehouse currently doesn’t support versions earlier than 2017. That means that you will find most components and models in the Warehouse require 2017 or later to open.

If using the 3D Warehouse is important to you, it would be a good idea to update to the current version. There are many other benefits, too. With the current version you could also upload your files to Trimble Connect and you would have other features that no longer work in SU2016.

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