A Shoutout To Aaron

I recently purchased Aaron’s book (yep, he has one) partially due to the fact that I was very curious as to what he’s written about Sketchup vs. what I already knew. Even a seasoned SU user like me, still had much more to learn, and his book proved it. I won’t go into further details of what the book contains (can’t give away spoilers), but what I will say is that his book clears up a lot of confusion, and even got me to take a step back and assess my process. There’s a wealth of information in this book that will help me be, not only a better modeler, but a better trainer to the people I work with.

One point that can be made for the way Aaron wrote this book is about how to create something from nothing, without the usage of 3rd party extensions. Granted, it was a simple object, but more to the point that with a little time and patience, you can achieve the same results on your own, with native tools, as opposed to possibly spending extra cash on an extension to accomplish the same goal. I’m not knocking authors of third-party extensions by any means (I’m just as guilty of using extensions, some paid for), but in doing so, I honestly was in a hurry, rather than really sitting down to just learn SU and all that it has to offer.

I’m not completely finished with his book yet, but for the majority of it that I have read through, my eyes are a lot more open to just how good SU is. I read a lot of comments in the community about development of SU by the staff, and how it may not be enough to please the masses, or in that certain functionality not being present, which makes users believe that 3rd party extensions are the only solution, but in truth, SU is a pretty solid piece of software that can do a lot more under the hood than people think, if they just took the time to really learn SU.

Long story short (I know, too late), Aaron did an excellent job of writing a book that really can teach beginners and seasoned users SU the right way, with well-thought out explanations, concepts and fundamentals, which are essential to using SU the right way. Considering that I’ve been using SU for 6 years now, I knew there were some aspects of SU I never investigated or bothered with, but now, I feel more confident with stepping back and reviewing everything I’ve learned and adding in a little more of what I hadn’t. Since I use SU both professionally and as a hobby, I may find that I won’t be using half of the extensions in my arsenal, in favor of going at it from scratch because in the end, doing it this way will cut down on errors and frustration much more than before.

Thanks very much Aaron, you did a great job!


Looks like I’ll be making a purchase very soon! Thanks for the review.

Has anyone notified @TheOnlyAaron about the “ad” yet ? :grinning: :wink:

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Hey! Thanks for the kind words, @jmorvay ! I am so appreciative of your post! If I am being totally honest, I still have a hard time propping myself up as an “expert” so it means so much any time someone says that something I have done has helped anyone! Thank you so much and I am so exited to hear that my book was helpful!!



Looking forward to my copy of the boom too. :+1:


See… this right here is why i prefer to work with copy editors…


But then your comments wouldn’t be as much fun.


Ok booker, as the kids say. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

I wonder who will play Aaron in the movie adaptation.

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His brother, he’s already an actor.


I can second that.


What is the name of the book? Where can I purchase it?


Link below:

Taking SketchUp Pro to the Next Level: Go beyond the basics and develop custom 3D modeling workflows to become a SketchUp ninja, Aaron Dietzen aka ‘The SketchUp Guy’, eBook - Amazon.com

Just wondering if someone can tell me the title of the book. I may have missed it but I couldn’t find it in the post.

It’s the link above your post.

Aaron’s book

Amazon links can include a lot of meta data, and tracking information. I edited your link to go straight to the book without the tracking parts.


Thanks for highlighting this! I had no idea this existed so have treated myself to a copy! :slight_smile: