A problem zooming in to do detailed work

Since Skp 2020 I seem to have trouble zooming in close to do detailed work within larger models. The faces seem to disappear just as I get close enough to do my drawing. And it happens with and without Perspective turned on.

I know skp does have issues modelling at smaller dimensions, but this issue seems to have got worse since 2020. Does anyone have any easy fixes (apart from modelling big and scaling down again). Or can Skp just sort this issue on the next release?

This is called clipping and there are a number of causes for it.

It’s hard to tell from your GIF but are you working with the camera set to Parallel Projection? If so, set it to Perspective.

Ha - my edit just missed your reply! In this gif perspective isn’t turned on. Turning it on sometimes sorts it, but it still seems to persist with perspective in a lot of cases.

I’m not seeing that except in models I get from others when the model of some part of it is at an extreme distance from the origin.

You should normally be doing your modeling with the camera set to Perspective, not Parallel Projection.

Thanks Dave.

Since 2020.1, the camera position is affected in parallel mode when ‘zooming’, this wasn’t before.

Hi Mike. Do you know if this is something that will be addressed? I like to go to plan view and zoom in the check everything is tight, and tweak things if required. I produce plans for manufacture so to be able to do this is quite important.

Unfortunately, I do not know…

This is probably the oldest issue in SketchUp and still hasn’t been fixed. I hope something can be done about it one day as it would solve so many other issues and ease so much frustration.